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Driftmission had an opportunity to test out the new Yeah Racing Hacktronic XTA Street Drifting electronics combo. The package includes a Hacktronic 120A sensored ESC coupled with the 7.5T Hackmoto sensored brushless motor. This combo kit retails for approximately $149.90 USD from RC Mart, now on sale for $135.00 USD. The programming card is sold separately, however we recommend it for a better user interface and experience. Here is a brief summary of the Hacktronic/Hackmoto Combo features.
A revolutionary ESC that allows you to switch from Touring, Drift and Crawler programs on one ESC (With the “Hacktronic Firmware Update USB Cable #HTN-303”, Sold Separately). Fully Programmable in each program with its own set of parameters with very user-friendly interface. The Hacktronic-T is the ESC Preset in Crawlers Programs which allows the change of 9 Parameters with the Hacktronic Program Card #HTN-301 (Sold Separately). 9 Parameters are Timing Start, Timing, Timing Interval, Punch, Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Brake LV, Release Curve and RPM Lock. These parameters and programs are exquisitely designed to control the weight shift characteristic of your car to fit your driving style and gain more controls at different stages of corners.

Hacktronic XTA (#HTN-C02) Electronic Speed Controller Features & Specifications

  • For 1/10
  • Support Brushless Sensored Motor
  • Multi Protection System (Motor Lock, Overheat, Signal Fail)
  • Comes With 25mm Cooling Fan
  • User Friendly Setting Interface
  • Can Swap Around to Crawler and Touring Program with Firmware Update USB Cable #HTN-303 (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • Specially for Drifters with 9 Drifting Settings (Timing Start, Timing, Timming Interval, Punch, Drag Brake, Initial Brake, Brake LV, Release Curve and RPM Lock)
  • Dimensions: 39mm x 31mm x 22.5mm (LxWxH)
  • Drive Modes: Forward/Brake/Reverse
  • Weight: 45g (ESC only)
  • Voltage Input: 4.8 – 9.9V DC, 3 – 6 Cells NiCD/NiMH 1~2-Cell LiPO / 1-3 Cell LiFe
  • Peak Current: 540A
  • Motor Limit: Over 5.5 Turns
  • B.E.C: 6V / 3.0A

Hackmoto XTA motor is the second generation Hackmoto Motors with lots of improvements in terms of design, engineering and material and is exquisitely crafted to achieve high performance in demanding environments. The result speaks for itself and was very competitive to even the most high-end motors in the market with its low friction, low heat, low power consumption, low wearing with high power output characteristics. The new Motor is equipped with the Xtreme Timing Advancement System (XTA™ ) for precise timing and turbo timing as well as physical timing set ups when used with Hacktronic ESC.

Hackmoto XTA Brushless Sensored Motor

  • 540 size motor can
  • 1/10 scale use
  • Made of aluminum
  • Anodized gunmetal
  • XTA™ Timing (-3 to +3 Step-less adjustment)
  • Premium Quality Ball Bearing Minimum Friction
  • High Purity Copper Winding
  • Removable/Replaceable Rotor
  • High Power Neodymium Magnet
  • Premium Quality Material for Minimum Heat and Energy Loss
  • Sensor-based for Excellent Torque and Low-Speed Smoothness
  • Sensor-based for Precise Timing and Turbo Timing function for exceptional Acceleration and Top Speed. (With Hacktronic ESC)
  • Aluminum Endbells For Light Weight and better heat dissipation
  • Venting Holes Engineered Carefully For Efficient Air Flow and Cooling
  • Weight: 160g

Overall Quality

The quality of this set is excellent. The ESC has a simplistic design with a fantastic finish, complete with white coated wires to stand out on any chassis. As you can see from the photos below the combo stands out on any chassis with its glossy white finish. This setup has been installed in the MST XXX-D VIP chassis and is a drastic improvement upon the old Novak setup. The ESC and motor is pre-soldered, so better out of the box usability for those who don’t want to solder.
The Hackmoto 2nd generation motor is newly designed for better performance than its predecessor. Yeah Racing seems to have put some thought into the ESC programming to ensure unique performance for each of the 3 modes, Crawler, Drift and Touring. Overall the Hackmoto ESC and Motor Drift Combo is very good quality for its price-tag. After running a Yeah Racing ESC/Motor setup for the last 3 years we anticipate the Hackmoto setup is similarly built to last.
Yeah Racing Hackmoto Hacktronic System RC Drifting - DriftMission

Overall Performance

The Hacktronic Electronic Speed Controller is well equipped with 120A continuous current with a 540A burst, this is more than enough to power any RC Drifter. An additional capacitor is included to help regulate the power drawn from the ESC. We compared this ESC combo to similar spec products offered by Hobbywing. For a XERUN V2 120A ESC and motor combo, it would retail for approximately $189 to $250 USD.
We compared the Hacktronic to the XERUN and the performance is very similar. The ESC programming is also very similar, of course the XERUN V2 lacks the advance timing and turbo functionality. Overall we feel the Hacktronic XTA combo exceeded our expectations for a combo in this price range.

Overall Value

The Hacktronic Combo retails for approximately $149.90 USD, however is on sale now at RCMART for $135.00 USD. This setup includes the 120A sensored ESC and sensored Brushless Motor. All parts including the capacitor are pre-soldered for ease of installation and use (a Deans power plug is included). This plug in and drive electronics combo is aimed at those drifters with a smaller budget, but still want quality gear. This package is very competitively priced for its performance and style.
The ESC programming parameters is straight forward and shouldn’t confuse the user, but the programming card (Sold Separately $22.90 USD) is recommended, so it will add to the overall cost of the combo.
Yeah Racing Hackmoto Hacktronic System RC Drifting - DriftMission 2


The Yeah Racing Hacktronic XTA Sensored ESC and Motor Combo is a good product for any budget minded drifters. The performance of this combo is comparable if not better than other electronics in their price range such as Hobbywing. This setup is highly recommended for anyone looking to get into RC drifting. It is a good system with very good functionality and performance. It comes with several modes and drift specific functions Yeah Racing believes is key to good performance.
The aesthetics of the motor and ESC is very good, everything is pre-soldered so that it can be plugged in and go. We would recommend this motor and ESC combo to anyone looking to get electronics for a new chassis. This combo makes it easy for beginners to get started with their first electronics combo.
Overall this combo offers fantastic features and at this price point it is a great value.

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  1. I picked this combo up and mine didn’t come pre soldered, might want to add that not all of them are.

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