Yokomo BD5WX Touring Car Chassis

Team Yokomo has just released their latest version of the championship belt driven touring car chassis. The Yokomo BD5WX has been gone through some radical changes from its predecessor, the BD5WR. The new WX chassis features adaptation of High-Traction chassis design and some major structural changes. This new BD5 addition to Yokomos already popular championship touring car will inevitably be a challenger in the TC racing market. Check it out!

The new High-Traction chassis design better optimizes the flexible characteristics of the main chassis plate to better adapt to the changing race conditions. This chassis has been designed to perform in limited stock class racing all the way up to the modified class, power is more effectively managed and delivered for better performance. A new gear differential is also added to the rear axle for better performance and durability. The gear differential coupled with the high traction flexibility of the chassis combines for better all around performance. The front differential is equipped with a solid axle for more aggressive cornering and more able to utilize today’s high performance electronics. Equipped with lightweight high-rigidity steel drive cups also enhances performance in high-speed racing. The steering wiper system has been redesigned for enhanced steering response. Steering geometry has also been improved for greater and more sensitive adjustments for the expert drivers.

The Yokomo BD5WX was recently unleashed during the World Touring Car European Championships in the Czech Republic earlier this year and received a first and second place decorated finish.


  • High-Traction chassis design that surpasses the BD5WR
  • Lightweight solid front axle
  • Long rear stabilizer
  • Rear gear differential
  • 8mm steering center link
  • Refined steering wiper assembly
  • Designed for use with Lithium-Polymer batteries

  • Yokomo BD5WX Chassis Kit Only!
    What you need to run: 2 Channel Radio set (transmitter, receiver, speed controller, servo) Battery (SUB-C · 5 ~ 6 cell Li-po2 cells), chargers, motors, tires, body, Paint for Polycarbonate
    Source: Team Yokomo Japan

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