RC OMG HDT045070B Low Profile Servo Review


RC OMG is new to the RC Drift servo market. This HDT045070B is a low profile digital brushless titanium gear servo. This is a high voltage servo, so minimum requirements is 6.0V supplied by your ESC BEC for optimal performance. Make sure that you are using capable electronics, otherwise it will glitch or lose optimal function.
RC OMG Low Profile HD Servo Review by Driftmission (1)
This low profiled, compared with the a similar savox, the RC OMG is slightly smaller.
RC OMG manufactures a complete line up of servos for all RC applications, air and surface, ideal for anyone in the hobby that does more than just on-road or drift.

Product Review

Overall Quality

We have been very impressed with the quality of the products. They come in a very well packaged casing that includes most standard servo arms and hardware associated with it. These servos also come with a nicely anodized aluminum heat-sink, which adds to the style and cooling of the servo itself. These RC OMG servos are very good quality.


High Voltage Low Profile 7kg Brushless Digital servo
Item No.: HDT045070B
Modulation: Digital
Weight: 45g (1.59oz)
Dimensions: 40.2 x 20.1 x 25.2 mm (1.58 x 0.79 x 0.99 in)
Gear Type: Titanium
Motor Type: Brushless
Rotation: Dual Bearings
Stall Torque: @6.0V: 5.5 kg-cm (79 oz-in) @7.4V: 7 kg-cm (97 oz-in)
Speed: @6.0V: 0.06sec/60° @ 7.4V: 0.05sec/60°
RC OMG Low Profile HD Servo Review by Driftmission (2)


  • Robust output for superb response in extreme maneuvers
  • Zero dead band assures legendary precision
  • Aluminum heatsink cover helps dissipate heat
  • Digital operation provides great accuracy, precision and performance
  • Ball bearing-supported
  • 25T spline shaft
  • Compatible with all types of Radio system
  • Applicable for the Surface (Drift, Touring Car and Air RC’s (large size heli’s)

You can find more information on the RC OMG HDT045070B Servo.

Overall Performance

We made some unofficial comparisons to other digital servos such as Eagle, Savox and Futaba with the same size and specs. The HDT045070B servos manage to out perform these established brands. The accuracy, precision and speed were very impressive. This servo is very well balanced and speedy for its size. Generally low profile servos lack performance due to compact size for mechanics. The only aspect of the servo that could be improved is greater torque. Comparing the HDT045070B to the LD062070B (similar specifications but difference in size and voltage requirements). We feel that the low profile performs equally as good as the larger size servo. Overall we are very impressed with the performance of this servo!

Overall Value

This servo is priced at $89.99 USD, which is extremely reasonable for what you get out of it. RC OMG has been extremely reliable and so far has stood up to the testing we have put it through. This servo is very competitively priced relative to anything else of similar specifications and size in the market. We have made some personal comparisons with other servo’s of similar size and specifications and the OMG servo has really been much better, especially for centering and precision of movement.


“Only Manufacture Golden” is RC OMG’s slogan! It really is manufactured to gold standard! So far RC OMG servo’s have exceeded our expectations. The performance of their servos are fast and precise. This Low profile high voltage servo is no exception, the performance is very good and reliable. This servo is very quick and responsive, the precision and holding torque is also very reliable. This servo is equipped with titanium gears so you know it was manufactured to last. Due to the infancy of RC OMG, that is the only remaining factor regarding their servos. Our tests of their low voltage series servos has been great thus far, we expect this one to be as well. RC OMG is aggressively marketing their products so look for them in a store near you!
RC OMG Official Website: http://www.rcomg.net

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