Team Tetsujin SUPER RIMS Review


These are newly announced from our good friends at Team Tetsujin Japan, these are the first 2pc wheel design with adjustable offset. This is a World first for wheel design, and you know coming from Tetsujin they will be absolutely stellar. Now you can be free to adjust your rims to suit the needs of your body, no longer will you have to struggle to find the right offset!
This is the Series 1 Super Rim and features a mesh concave design (called the Dahlia) available in a variety of colors. Simply unlock the center piece and you can now adjust the wheel for 3mm, 6mm, and 9mm offsets! There will also be a set that offers 2mm, 5mm, and 8mm offsets.

  • Adjustable Offsets: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 2mm, 5mm, 8mm
  • Shipping Weight: 0.03lbs
  • Manufactured by: TEAM-TETSUJIN

Overall Quality

Team Tetsujin has done a very good job making a wheel that can hold up to the demands of RC Drift wheels. Given the fact they are adjustable we paid special attention to the possibility of the wheel center slipping out. We are pleased to say this has not happened no matter how hard we pushed the chassis. The quality of the wheels are very good, the material used feels very strong and durable. The manufacturing is top quality with good rigidity and shape.
Currently they are only available in the DAHLIA pattern which is more reminiscent of an old school wheel rather than anything modern. Aesthetically they may not be ideal but there are new patterns announced for 2015. Overall the quality is excellent as we would expect from Team Tetsujin; once again they have done a very good job with these wheels.
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Product Review

As these wheels are very innovative and provide the ability to change between 3 preset offsets of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm or 2mm, 5mm, 8mm depending on the set you get. As you can see from our photos they even fit nicely on wide body rides. These wheels were mounted on the MST MS-01 D GT II chassis running on MST CS-R Blue Dots (Hardest). These wheels look very good mounted on a chassis, both standing still and in motion but are suited for old school rides. They provide a great stand still look, and look great in motion. After running several battery cycles, the wheels are still in excellent shape with no marks.
Some may expect that the two piece wheel design may result in structural weaknesses, however, we did not notice any ill effects of the wheels. Structurally they feel just as strong as a conventional one piece wheel. Even when physically contacted with other cars or track obstacles, they do not show any signs of weakness. They are very rigid and are durable enough for everyday RC Drifting wear and tear.
The best part about these Team Tetsujin SUPER RIMS is that future purchases required will be the inserts. Now it will be more economical than ever to own different styles of wheels. These super rims are very innovative and provide new options for the RC Drift junkies that strive for both aesthetic and functionality in their rides. Overall we are very impressed with the quality and innovative design of the TETSUJIN Super Rims.
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Overall Value

As these wheels are essentially 3 sets of wheels in one! 3 different offsets options at a price tag of roughly $15 per set of 4. However considering you get 3 options for offset and the ability to change the center rim style anytime, it is a great value. Team Tetsujin has been known for providing outstanding products for a great price for many years. We would consider these to be a best buy for anyone looking for new rims!


We were even more impressed when they showed up in hand, the overall quality and adaptability really make it worth it. If you are looking for a new set of wheels for your old school drifter look no further. These wheels come in many colors and finishes, so there should be a set out there for anyone looking for a set of rims. Check out our links below to posts of the different colors and finishes. These wheels cost a little bit more than what you are normally accustomed to paying, but you get what you pay for. I would highly recommend these wheels for any Drift RC enthusiast, they are well worth it!

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