Kazama D-Link Promode S15 RC Drift Body Review

Kazama Auto is renown tuner of parts for the Nissan S15 Silvia. Kazama Auto was a the first to open a tuning shops in Japan to specialize in only Drifting. They are known as the “D-Shop” pioneers. Kazama Auto also manufacturers parts for Mazda and Toyota, as well as other unique universal items. Kazama decided to also get into the RC drift market bringing their knowledge and quality down to the 1:10 scale. Kazama D-link has one of the hottest chassis on the market with the Kazama Auto Spidercks. After seeing the real 1:1 scale Kazama Auto S15 we knew this would be one good looking body for RC drifting. Building off our partnership with Vertex RC we ordered the Kazama Auto S15 190mm body to see for ourselves. Kazama has one of the best slogans on their packaging as shown below! (Awesome Looking! Great Stability!! Marvelous Power!!! We at kazama always get the “shit” you guys are looking for!!!)

Overall Quality

The Kazama S15 190mm body shell is made from thick lexan, that is similar to a Yokomo body. The kit comes with mirrors, lexan light buckets, bumpers, masking sheet, and decals. I would rank this case in strength somewhere between a Tamiya and Yokomo, after running this case through 30 cycles it has held up remarkably well. The case has impressive detailing that rivals that of Yokomo, the overall attention to detail is phenomenal.
For this body I went with a three tone color scheme, Tamiya Bright Red, Tamiya Aluminum, and Tamiya Black. Once the body was painted I then applied Tamiya Matte PS spray to the black portion of the body for that Matte Black look.

Product Review

This has to be one of the best looking bodies I have found for the S15, the quality of the case is superb. It was a little challenging using spray paint to get into the edges but I wouldn’t want it any other way. The case comes with lexan light buckets for the front and rear, the front light buckets are attached to the bumper, which you attached after you paint. The attention to detail captured in this RC drift body is excellent truly replicating the 1:1 scale kazama auto s15. I was a little surprised that the decal sheet did not include the decals required to remake the true Kazama Auto ProMode S15. The pictures of the case on Kazama Auto’s website show the proper decals, however this was not the case here. After painting many cases from Tamiya & Yokomo that have plastic light buckets, it is nice to have the plastic buckets instead of lexan. However the detail of these buckets are good enough to complete the look, however you must find your own way to mount your LEDs.

Overall Value

The case was ordered from Vertex RC for ¥3971 or roughly $55 USD. The price is on the mark for a case of this quality, if not a little on the cheaper side. As with Yokomo you must order the light buckets separately, most new Tamiya bodies come with the light buckets. That said the overall value of this case is extremely good based on the attention to detail. Considering it has held up this well after so many runs I highly recommend Kazama D-Link Cases.


As this was the first body we have seen from Kazama D-Link we are impressed with the quality and attention to detail. Kazama is world renown for their work on the S15, because of this they are able to present one of the finest S15 body on the market today. Their reputation in 1:1 drifting is known worldwide, and now they have brought their expertise to 1:10 scale RC drifting. The Promode S15 is a very good representation of what they are capable of and we hope to see more from Kazama D-link.

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