MST 5 Spoke RC Drift Wheels Review (3)

MST 5 Spoke Drift Wheels Review

Introduction MST has recently been expanding their entire RC Drift car product line-up. Recently they have been producing their own wheels. As part of the pre-order of the MST FS-01D chassis, they gifted buyers a set of their new MST wheels. Overall Quality Our set was a plain white set of 5-spoke drift wheels with…

Dynamic Camber RC Drifting

Check out this modification from Atsushi Mizunaga at TEAM-TETSUJIN. Dynamic camber will carry out camber change, if a machine rolls. A ground contact area is pulled out to the utmost. High traction. Effective on the low road surface. Running hard becomes matchless. このサスペンションシステムはマシンがロールすると キャンバー変化します。 接地面積を最大限に引き出します。 ハイトラクション。 特にμの低い路面で有効。 追走が無敵になります。 — with Atsushi Mizunaga at TEAM-TETSUJIN.